Decent Work & Economic opportunities

With revitalization, new jobs will be created during the planning, construction and operations phases of the development. We want to ensure that local TCHC tenants are prioritized in the new economic opportunities generated from revitalization.




Construction & Development

At least 10% of all trades working hours or $5M in job creation to be completed by apprentices who are TCHC tenants.

Introducing programs that create opportunities for Black tenants into skilled trades and other professional industries.

City, TCHC, Developer


At least $5 million in job creation for TCHC tenants.

Developing targeted programs that focus on poverty reduction for Black tenants.

City, TCHC, Developer, Commercial tenants 

Ongoing - Training & Scholarships 

At least $1 million in scholarships.

At least $5 million to support employment training during revitalization.

Actively support the education, training, and hiring of Black youth into meaningful employment opportunities through career-based mentorship programs to support skill development and the building of professional networks.

City, TCHC, Developer

Social Procurement 

20% of all contracts for goods or services to be purchased from local businesses, diverse owned businesses and/or social enterprises.

Establish a program with learnings informing and developing into increased procurement awards for contracting businesses owned by Black residents.

TCHC, Developer