Background and Timelines



Animators helped the plans get approved: 

  • 2010 The Lawrence-Allen Revitalization Plan  
  • 2011 Secondary Plan 
  • 2012 Social Development Plan  
  • 2012 Employment Service Plan 
  • 2014 Heritage Plan in  
  • 2014 Arts and Cultural Hub Feasibility Study 
  • 2015 Public Arts Plan 

They co-planned and lead community events:

  • Social Development Plan
  • Walk of Hope
  • Friday Night Café

Eventually the animator program was discontinued and an ambassador program was formed in its place. The voice of the community is now contained and concerns about the revitalization process fall on “deaf ears”. Their response:

  • Strong Community Initiative 
  • Janes Walk 
  • Community Forum at Barbara Frum Library 2016 resulting from Resident Petition 

Animators helped develop Grassroot Community Priorities that are reflected in the plan: 

  • Support bottom-up process 
  • Zero displacement in relocation plan 
  • Environmental health 
  • Security during build 
  • Better school and community health programs 
  • Integrated mix of housing units 
  • Equivalent size and type of units 
  • Concrete employment objectives 
  • Green spaces 
  • Diverse home ownership

The animators won the Urban Heroes award for their efforts.